Eric Ortiz is president of the Audio/Visual club and loves being in front of a camera.

Eric Ortiz




Co-host of "What's up Warthogs" (Morning announcements)


Charlie McGuinness (Best friends)

Laney Nielsen

Money Melvin


Victoria Jagger


Making cheesy jokes,being on Camera,making fun of Victoria

First seen

"The Eric and Charlie Show"


Tiago Abreu


Eric has no problem telling a cheesy joke on camera, but he still gets tongue-tied in front of a cute girl. He is also interested in pranking or making fun of Victoria Jagger. Eric's obsessed with soccer (or fútbol as he calls it) - his dad used to be a forward for Mexico's Chivas fútbol team.

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Victoria JaggerEdit

Ever since Eric "impeached" Victoria Jagger's one-of-a-kind Congressional Barbie in a peach smoothie, they've been sworn enemies.Though during the show there friendship has grown bit by bit. However, during the show their friendship has grown bit by bit and the two may have developed true feelings for each other.

Charlie McGuinnessEdit

Charlie is Eric's best friend. They started the morning announcement show together but soon afterwards Victoria and Laney joined. Charlie and Eric usually take sides together during a group argument. 

Laney NielsonEdit

Eric appreciates Laney's logical thinking but they aren't always agreeable on things.

Mr. DenoviEdit

Mr. Denovi helped Eric out starting the show and has helped the gang since then as he is the A/V club advisor. Mr. Denovi is a pretty nervous and jumpy guy but is happy to lay down the law when Eric gets too carried away with the show, so they have a good bond.

Teddy ChadwickEdit

Eric makes a lot of jokes about Teddy but dosen't really care much for Teddy and what he does. Teddy can't stand Eric because the "What's Up Warthogs!" announcements compete with the paper.

Money MelvinEdit

Eric and Money Melvin aren't close friends but are good buddies. During the election, Eric was fascinated by Money Melvin's ideas and actions.