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Even though Laney's only a 12 year old girl, she's skipped two grades to become a freshman at West Hill High. A little ahead of her time, she has a scientific curiosity about the other high school students around her and the drama they create. She's a straight A student who can't tell a lie to save her life and likes to stay up late re-reading
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Laney Nielson

romance novels over and over. She once was excused for her exams as she is so smart, there was no need for her to take them.


Eric OrtizEdit

Eric Ortiz appreciates Laney's logical thinking but Laney finds Eric quite childish and hardly agrees with Eric in a disagreement. They also don't trust each other a lot, which is shown when Eric assumes Laney took his drink when it was really Charlie.

Victoria JaggerEdit

Laney is very fond of Victoria and she hopes she and Victoria can become best friends in the future. Laney finds Victoria very bright and thinks of her as a star. During a disagreement, they would take sides.

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